Every patient has a story...

Patient Stories

A Very Special Visit

Victor Clarizio, visited Pegasus Therapeutic Riding, which was a day to remember for Victor and all the people who love and care for him. Read more about this meaningful day.

In Memoriam: A Loving Tribute to Our Beloved Board Member

Karle was an amazing individual who helped so many in the community.  He was a tireless and unassuming advocate for the charitable causes he believed in.

Cathy Hickey-Williams

Her Passion is Her Gift
Cathy’s story is one of impressive education, remarkable career accomplishments, dedication to her family, deep faith in God, and selfless service to her students and her church.

Stephen Bergeron

Embracing Life’s Gifts
Stephen continues to embrace life, living by the philosophy, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Sal Raises a Glass

Sal raises a glass to the great life he’s led through his jokes and getting a window into a world that existed just a few miles away, but is forever altered and opaque.

Joyce Roberson - Accomplished Scientist, Gentle Lady

Joyce said. No matter what obstacles might have appeared in her way, Joyce Roberson, again and again, has triumphed.

Jane Powell Smith – The Much-Loved Lady Jane

Some people just have a knack for caring for others, for loving people unconditionally and welcoming them into their hearts and homes. Jane Powell Smith had such a gift that she shared with others.

Nancy Stevenson – An Artist, Adventurer and Friend

Volunteers and staff had bright smiles across their faces when asked about Nancy. It was clear that her genuine warmth, positive outlook and grace-filled spirit touch the lives of everyone Nancy encounters.